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Why Choose TATI?

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The American Technical Institute (TATI) aim is to provide a comprehensive and balanced mix of programs/courses (online and offline) and services that support the success of our students in their work and life. At TATI, you will study high- quality programs taught by our experienced faculty and trainer’s.

Some facts of our Institute:-

    • Online all over the world
    • Diverse student from all over the world
    • 100+ co-op partners
    • Extensive network of 100+ co-op partners in a wide range of industries
    • Experienced faculty
    • Learn from highly qualified industry experts
    • Our goals
    • Development and provision of technical and vocational training programs, according to the quantitative and qualitative demand of the labor market, and enact relevant regulations for their quality, efficiency, and supervision
    • Career support
    • Resume clinics, mock interview, open house, and job fair
    • 95% satisfied
    • 95% of our student are satisfied with our quality of education
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