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MS Word 2016 Course

Microsoft Word

The Word 2016 course demonstrates how to use the software to create eye-catching resumes, well-formatted cover letters, engaging newsletters, and more. The course covers creating and managing documents; formatting text, paragraphs, and sections; adding tables and lists; creating and managing references; inserting and formatting graphical elements; and effectively collaborating on documents. Users will improve their overall employ ability while preparing for the Word 2016 certification exam.

Fees & Facts


$200 USD One Time
Special Discount (75% OFF) Available for Online students

Fees after scholarship*
$150 international students
$150 US domestic students
*Valid from June 2020 intake.


July 8, 2020

September 16, 2020

November 10, 2020


Academic: 13 weeks in-class and 10 weeks practical Training.

Total length: 6 Month including scheduled breaks.

Class Time:

Timing: 0830 – 1630 Hrs for Institute Students.

Online Students: Day timing according to teacher/student schedule.

Program Outcomes
  • Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your Microsoft Office Word 2016 certification.
  • Test prep questions that meet all Word 2016 exam objectives.
  • View your online course ware anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhance your personal and professional skills to achieve your goals.
  • Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective professional.
Program Modules

Section A: Introduction to Word 2016

  • Introduction

Section B: Getting Started

  • How to Take This Course
  • Tour of Office
  • Tour of Word

Section C: Create Documents

  • Create a Blank Document
  • Create a Document from a Template
  • Open a PDF in Word
  • Insert Text from Other Sources

Section D: Navigate Through Documents

  • Search for Text
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Create Bookmarks
  • The Go To Feature

Section E: Format Documents

  • Modify Page Setup
  • Apply Document Themes
  • Apply Document Style Sets
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Insert Page Numbers
  • Format Page Background Elements
  • Watermarks

Section F: Customize Document Views and Options

  • Change Document Views
  • Customize Through Zoom Settings
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Split Windows
  • Add Document Properties
  • Show and Hide Formatting Symbols

Section G: Print and Save Documents

  • Modify Print Settings
  • Save Documents in Different Formats
  • Print Documents
  • Check for Document Issues
  • Inspect for Accessibility Issues
  • Inspect for Compatibility Issues

Section H: Domain 1 Recap

  • Domain 1 Test Tips

Section A: Insert Text and Paragraphs

  • Find and Replace Text
  • Cut and Paste Text
  • Copy and Paste Text
  • Use AutoCorrect to Replace Text
  • Insert Symbols
  • Insert Special Characters
  • Use Undo and Redo

Section B: Format Text and Paragraphs

  • Apply Font Formatting
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Set Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Set Line and Paragraph Indentation
  • Set Tabs
  • Clear Formatting
  • Use the Text Highlighter
  • Apply Built-In Styles
  • Change Text to WordArt

Section C: Order and Group Text and Paragraphs

  • Format Text in Multiple Columns
  • Insert Page Breaks
  • Insert Section Breaks
  • Insert Column Breaks
  • Set Page Setup Options in a Section

Section D: Domain 2 Recap

  • Domain 2 Test Tips

Section A: Create Tables and Lists

  • Create a Table
  • Convert Text to Tables
  • Convert Tables to Text
  • Create a Table with Specific Options
  • Apply Table Styles
  • Set Table Style Options

Section B: Modify a Table

  • Sort Table Data
  • Cell Margins and Spacing
  • Merge and Split Cells
  • Resize Tables
  • Resize Rows and Columns
  • Split Tables
  • Configure a Repeating Row Header

Section C: Create and Modify a List

  • Create a Numbered List
  • Create a Bulleted List
  • Change Number Formats
  • Change Bullet Characters
  • Customize Bullet Characters
  • Customize Number Formats
  • Increase or Decrease List Levels
  • Control List Numbering
  • Set Starting Number Value

Section D: Domain 3 Recap

  • Domain 3 Test Tips

Section A: Create and Manage References

  • Create and Manage Reference Markers
  • Insert Footnotes
  • Insert Endnotes
  • Modify Footnote Properties
  • Modify Endnote Properties
  • Create Bibliography Citation Sources
  • Modify Bibliography Citation Sources
  • Insert Citations for Bibliographies
  • Insert Figure Captions
  • Insert Table Captions
  • Modify Caption Properties

Section B: Create and Manage Simple References

  • Insert a Table of Contents
  • Update a Table of Contents
  • Insert a Cover Page

Section C: Proofing the Document

  • Check Spelling and Grammar

Section D: Domain 4 Recap

  • Domain 4 Test Tips

Section A: Insert and Format Graphic Elements

  • Insert Graphic Elements
  • Insert Shapes
  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert Screenshots
  • Insert Screen Clippings
  • Insert Text Boxes

Section B: Format Graphic Elements

  • Apply Artistic Effects
  • Apply Picture Effects
  • Remove Picture Backgrounds
  • Format Objects
  • Apply Picture Styles
  • Wrap Text Around Objects
  • Position Objects
  • Add Alternative Text to Objects

Section C: Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics

  • Create a SmartArt Graphic
  • Format a SmartArt Graphic
  • Modify SmartArt Graphic Content

Section D: Domain 5 Recap

  • Domain 5 Test Tips

Section E: Test Taking Tips

  • Overall Test Tips
Other Program details

Admission Requirement

All students must be at least eighteen (18) years of age on or before the first day of class. Students must provide a High School Diploma or a General Education Development Certificate (G.E.D) .

Assessment Method

You must successfully complete all modules to be awarded the certificate. The assessment of each module consists of:
• Individual assignment or class test: 50%
• Final exam: 50%


• This is a 100% hands-on course; every student will have his or her own laptop/computer to work on.
• FREE retake for up to 9 months.
• Courses cover all required technique used in practical.
• Highly qualified Instructor and trainer.
• Great for beginners to intermediate users.
• Online courses are also available on demand.

Careers Opportunities

After Passing this course can consider career opportunities which includes positions such as:
• Office Assistant
• Asst Project Coordinator
• Virtual Assistant
• Administrator

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