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Course Description:

These courses develops academic reading, writing, speaking, listening and research skills of advanced students who are interested in undergraduate or graduate programs in the United States . Students learn and develop the skills for university and college content courses. Learner outcomes include academic vocabulary development, improvement in reading and comprehension of university textbook materials, short stories, magazine articles, and on-line/library materials, and development of academic essay and research paper writing skills, general academic vocabulary development, listening skill improvement in an graduate-school setting, development of effective note-taking skills, and improved seminar, discussion, and presentation skills.

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  • This is a 100% hands-on course; every student will have his or her own laptop/computer to work on.

  • FREE retake for up to 9 months.

  • Courses cover all required technique used in practical.

  • Highly qualified Instructor and trainer.

  • Great for beginners to intermediate users.

  • Online courses are also available on demand

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Here’s what you will learn

Course Details

Session 1

Students will form words into sentences, learn and practice basic sentence construction rules, and complete a variety of introductory writing tasks.Emphasis is on sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary.

Students will improve their ability to write organized paragraphs and identify the four basic types of sentences. Students will create narrative and expository documents and be able to name and use the eight parts of speech. The class will introduce and complete a diversity of writing activities.

Students will write organized thesis-driven essays of 1-2 pages. Students will show an increasing command of simple and progressive verb tenses. Expository writing will include descriptive and fundamental persuasion exercises, summation and reflection.

Students will write an increasing variety of sentence types – complex and compound sentences, and show increasing control of verbs and verb tenses. Descriptive and reflective journals will be completed at least twice weekly.

Students will begin to direct their learning to the needs of the TOEFL test and the academic classroom—especially reading and understanding short non-fiction text; also, writing short essays in response to essay prompts. Fluent construction of journals will be completed at least three times weekly, and will move from descriptive and reflective to argumentative/persuasive.

This course incorporates problem solving and critical thinking, encouraging students to cognitively multi-task while operating in an English speaking environment (much like they already do in their first language).It provides extensive practice through listening comprehension.The emphasis in this class is on communication, encouraging students to express their own ideas and feelings.Of course, the students’ pronunciation and grammar usage will be continuously monitored by the instructor.

Session 2

Students participate in simple discussions, form basic questions, and respond to questions. This class employs retelling, summary, and other comprehension strategies to discuss texts that are assigned and read.

Students will use clear vocabulary in conversations and discussions. Also, students will use, with increasing accuracy, correct verb tenses and complete sentence structures when speaking. Students will construct and deliver organized, fundamental oral presentations.

Students will improve their ability to express opinions, in a balanced and effective manner.Students will demonstrate an increasing ability to follow native speakers in casual conversation, in question and answer discussions, and will improve their ability to understand and react to national news shows such as CBS News and 60 Minutes.

Students will improve their ability to listen to, understand, and retain the content and the structure of orations of several styles (e.g., presentations, speeches, advertisements, and conversations). Students’ grasp of “main idea” and “supporting ideas” will be increasingly evident. Students will improve on the structure and duration of their in-class presentations.

In this course student will build the grammar editing skills of Advanced level. It broadens the students’ knowledge of grammar as it is used in complex sentence structures. A high advanced level of speaking and listening course in which students develop vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and skills for recognizing main ideas, details and inferences while listening to a variety of topics in order to accomplish academic and personal goals.

A high advanced level of speaking and listening course in which students develop vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and skills for recognizing main ideas, details and inferences while listening to a variety of topics in order to accomplish academic and personal goals. Students will read and write extensively. They will learn to use reading strategies, increase their vocabulary, develop their ideas in writing, and edit for grammatical accuracy. Students will become familiar with the cultural norms and practices within U. S. academic contexts.

Fees & Facts

July 8, 2020

September 16, 2020

November 10, 2020

Academic: 13 weeks in-class and 10 weeks practical Training.

Total length: 6 Month including scheduled breaks.

Timing: 0830 – 1630 Hrs for Institute Students.

Online Students: Day timing according to teacher/student schedule.

All students must be at least eighteen (18) years of age on or before the first day of class. Students must provide a High School Diploma or a General Education Development Certificate (G.E.D) .

You must successfully complete all modules to be awarded the certificate. The assessment of each module consists of:
• Individual assignment or class test: 50%
• Final exam: 50%

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